Bookkeeping for Construction Industry

The construction industry is one of the most volatile sector in the UK economy and diligent planning and advice are essential to maintain the competitiveness and efficiency.

  • Across years of experience in this sector, as an accounting service provider in London, we know the specific problems faced by builders, engineering contractors and civil engineering consultants.
  • We provide them effective solutions and help them optimize their performance through cost reductions, increasing profit margins, project planning, obtaining suitable funding, cash flow planning and assistance.
  • We provide you through the maze of regulations imposed on the industry, assist in reducing your compliance costs and help you to build a successful future.

Get Easy Solutions to your Tiring Bookkeeping Tasks

Construction industry Bookkeeping includes

  • Statutory audit.
  • Updating construction books at all times.
  • Preparing reconciliation statements.
  • Going over trade receivables and trade payments.
  • Settlement of outstanding and pending payments.
  • Profit and loss forecasts, balance sheets and cash flow.
  • Ongoing measurement and re-appraisal against budget.
  • Guidance on taxation implications of employed versus self-employed matters with contractors.
  • Comprehensive tax, and VAT advice.
  • Property acquisitions, stamp duty, and fit-out expenses.
  • Separating company assets from any trading risk.
  • Guidance on VAT options to tax, land tax, stamp duty, and environmental taxes.
  • Facilities outsourcing for Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) compliance and returns.

No Extra Processes with Nexa Bookkeeping Service

Our ethos is to build a close relationships in order to build confidence so our advisors are able to support clients with tailored solutions, proactively with care. A combination of our technology and skilled team has resulted in a significant broaclient base that includes IT contractors, finance professionals, engineers, interim managers, management consultants, journalists, photographers, medical locums, teachers and many more.

Unlike many other contractor accountants, Nexa Accountants we will set up limited companies for all of our clients free of charge. When we form a new company we also provide assistance opening a business bank account and registering the company for PAYE, VAT and corporation tax purposes.