Free Agents Bookkeeping Software

Free Agent is an online bookkeeping and accounting tool for giving a real-time visibility about the performance of your business.

  • Free Agents are concentrated on sole traders and very small businesses to keep the finances on right track through invoicing, time tracking, and expense management.
  • Our team of bookkeeping specialists have years of experience working with FreeAgent and supporting clients to get the most out of the software while they can devote their time on their business, instead on routine admin tasks
  • By evaluating data produced in FreeAgent, our team can assist business owners create budgets and forecasts and plan for the future.

Get Easy Solutions to your Tiring Bookkeeping Tasks

The benefits of using FreeAgent include

  • Estimates creation
  • Sending and chasing invoices
  • Expense claim management
  • Time tracking on mobile and desktop
  • Generation of VAT returns
  • Corporation tax forecasting
  • Monitoring of project income, expenses, and profitability
  • Checking how the business is doing, on one easy to view dashboard