Bookkeeping for Hair Saloon

If you’re a self-employed hairdresser, perhaps you might be someone who visits their clients, or doesn’t own a studio.

  • You must also be taking care of your own tax reporting once a year, and are personally accountable for any debts so far.
  • As a hairdresser, you shall also be renting a chair in your salon or travelling to do hair for special occasions.
  • If these instances narrates your circumstance, it means you are most likely using your own tools, not having any employees nor require a difficult structure.
  • The reason being as a self-employed or a sole trader, your position is good and you don’t have large overheads. If you’re renting a chair in a salon, there shouldn’t be a requirement for you to form a limited company.

Get Easy Solutions to your Tiring Bookkeeping Tasks

Our services Include:

All you need to do at the end of the tax year, you have to make a simple deduction of your expenses against your revenue and pay tax on that. Another advantage you can get is to claim certain expenses on your tax return such as travel, equipment and other expenses, thus minimizing the overall size of your tax bill.

Also by getting professional assistance from a reliable bookkeeping service provider, you can easily take care of your bookkeeping functions. Nexa Accountants is one of them whose bookkeeping functions for hair salon includes:

  • Updating hair salon books at all times
  • Going over their Trade Payables
  • Going over their Trade Receivables
  • Settlement of the outstanding or pending payments
  • Reconciliation of their customer and supplier accounts
  • Reconciling hair salon bank account with their bank statement