Bookkeeping for Merchants

Whether you’re looking to increase your back office financial functions such as accounts payable and receivable, reporting, budgeting, payroll, forecasting and QuickBooks—take the help of a specialist accountant.

  • Nexa Accountant is a specialist in bookkeeping functions and has helped many business owners in establishing their business and run their financial operations smoothly.

Get Easy Solutions to your Tiring Bookkeeping Tasks

No Extra Processes with Nexa Bookkeeping Service

Our ethos is to build a close relationships in order to build confidence so our advisors are able to support clients with tailored solutions, proactively with care. A combination of our technology and skilled team has resulted in a significant broaclient base that includes IT contractors, finance professionals, engineers, interim managers, management consultants, journalists, photographers, medical locums, teachers and many more.

Unlike many other contractor accountants, Nexa Accountants we will set up limited companies for all of our clients free of charge. When we form a new company we also provide assistance opening a business bank account and registering the company for PAYE, VAT and corporation tax purposes.

With Nexa Accountant you can :

  • Make your business move in correct direction: You can easily put forward the strong controls and procedures and make your business ready for suitable gains under effective guidance of Nexa Accountants. You can also take the help of Nexa for establishing QuickBooks too.
  • Get an impartial assessment of your banking relationships and finances: You can easily examine your current banking relationships, put best accounting systems into practice, schedule and arrange your bills and statements for making your books investor and CPA ready.
  • Keep your financials upright : With the help of Nexa Accountants, you will be able to assort your crucial paperwork hassles and keep your finances organized.
  • 24/7 reachability to your financials with cloud-based reporting: With the help of Nexa Accountants, you can easily set up a cloud-based accounting system that gives you the convenient information whenever you need it. In this manner, you can make suitable decisions quickly with real-time data from your smartphone.
  • Easy reporting and bill payments: You’ll be able to automate your reports quickly with the help of Nexa Accountants. You’ll also be able to import data and perform other tasks readily and automate your tax and bill payments.
  • Get important discernment into the future of your business: With the help of Nexa Accountants, you will be able to gain budgeting and forecasting abilities. You can even get the most beneficial guidance for your small businesses at half of the cost as compared to hiring a full-time CEO.
  • Get an impartial advice from experienced professionals: Partner with Nexa Accountants who will give you all possible and impartial advice in helping you to grow your business.