Book Keeping for Travel

Tourism industry is the second vigorously prosperous industry. Travel agencies are clearly witnessing an upshift in travelling trends due to digitalization.

  • Hotel reservations and distant ticketing have further expedited the travel agency business.
  • Since they outstretch their online service round the clock, accurate bookkeeping for travel agency becomes technical.
  • A professional hand is very much essential to appropriately perform accounting for a travel agency.
  • Work on advancing travelling and tourism experience by improving every stage of hospitality. Be goal oriented and concentrate on digital and comfort-savvy clients.
  • Nexa Accountants is here to do bookkeeping for your travel agency. We assure you.

Get Easy Solutions to your Tiring Bookkeeping Tasks

Our Travel bookkeeping services include:

  • Have efficient cash flow management services
  • Maintain up-to-date general ledger for tracking travel agency’s health
  • To recognize appropriate revenues using cash method
  • To maintain transparent income statement for showing profitability of your travel agency, regularly.
  • Quick Enquiry

No Extra Processes with Nexa Bookkeeping Service

Our ethos is to build a close relationships in order to build confidence so our advisors are able to support clients with tailored solutions, proactively with care. A combination of our technology and skilled team has resulted in a significant broaclient base that includes IT contractors, finance professionals, engineers, interim managers, management consultants, journalists, photographers, medical locums, teachers and many more.

Unlike many other contractor accountants, Nexa Accountants we will set up limited companies for all of our clients free of charge. When we form a new company we also provide assistance opening a business bank account and registering the company for PAYE, VAT and corporation tax purposes.